why not a girl child?

28-male -Mumbai

If u can read then only read otherwise i don’t force u ………
This is my story … I m the 4th children of my parents i have 3 sisters
Before my birth my father was disappointed bcoz of 3girls my father literally ignored my sisters, on a name ceremony of my 3 rd sister my dad literally went to work and came on another day . i lost my father on 1st April 2000 after my fathers death my elder sister left her education bcoz i was only 10 years old. she earn for our family then when i turn 12-13 my 2nd elder sister left her education and start earning and when i turn 15 my 3rd sister start earning , all of them didn’t force me to do the same they always support me …..
Now i m 28 well educated , working in well known organisation but seriously till date my sisters always call me and ask me about myself or even help me in my needs …..maybe god sent some angels in my life ( i felt so)
When i was born a 1st person i had seen was my mom
When i was born the one most happy person was my grandma
When i need moral support my aunt (maasi) was always there
When i was facing financial need my aunt ( bua) support me she passed away last year but i realised i was the nominee of her all the bank accounts and deposits
When i was struggling with communication and writing skills my aunt ( kaki, chachi) was there ( i admire her in my whole life)
When i was in school a teacher who built me was ( manjerakar mam , anita mam , neeta mam, prema mam)
When i was running out of money my aunt ( mami) helped me
And top of that my sisters always there with me they had done a tremendous job in my life

Now tell me why people don’t want a girl child ? Or why a girl child is strictly prohibited in our society ?
It hurts me a lot when someone don’t respect a girl

I have two daughters ( my nieces) and i m proud of them
I whish” i muze pahali beti hi ho so mai unke laad kar saku”

Pls respect a women , bcoz “hum ladke kabhi maa baap ka naam roshan nahi karte wo ladkiya hi hoti hai jo maa baap ko sambhalti hai “