Cute love Story

Heya .. !
I am 19 And i want to Confess here ..that I fall for a girl when i was in my Ist Semester , my semester was about to complete i gota request on my fb account .. i didn’t accept for 5 days .. however i accepted And started some conversation and i came to know that the girl is from the same college, class but she has a different streem And she knew all about me because she was one of the best frends of my cousin. days went we begain to chat like frends … And reached to the level what people call besties.. best friends. we used talk upto 3 am some times 4 am . we used to tell each other every secret of ours .we both were happy .. i dont know how, why , and when did i fall for her and i decided to tell her on her birth day … before her birth day . I couldn’t control and i told her .. when she said who i am urs i said u r my evry thing she said why .. my tong sliped and i said Bcz i Luv u … she didnt talkd for 5 minutes .. and aftr 5 minutes she said .. i hate such jokes …. i said nope i am serious and i seriously cant live without u .. she said .. this is not luv this is only attraction … we are friends nope Besties fo eva .. some How after six months during second sem. she accepted life was full of joy .. i felt like i was flying above the clouds.. we both were very happy she used to tell me “No matter to luv me so called very much But i luv u double than u luv me” .. if i will marry’ ….. u will b my groom… No 1 else … A boy who earlier had proposed her .. got to know about us .. he created some misunderstanding b/w both of us .. but i never believed him because i trusted her. few months before . she used to tell me i dont want to be in relation … i said i can’t live with out u .. i seriously cried after some time we again started a happy life… few days back we got some misunderstanding and had some argues .. But evry time i used to say sorry not because i was wrong or i had a habit of saying sorry .. its was like i was every time worried not to lose her .. bcz i madly luv her.. i Got a message from her ” (i got lot of luv happiness from u .. what i gave u jux only tears ..know i decided to remain away from u . dont think its over between us .. now what ever God has written for us will come to ever way .. i seriously want to marry u .. hope u people will first come to us for marriage proposal… bye Buddhu .. ???? ) ”
this was her .. last message i didn’t replied back … i seriously am missing her .. i dnt know what to do mm plz suggest me Something ????