Emotional Dude

I was in a project and my location was on the second floor of Deccan Park. One day I saw her sitting at the bench and since that day I have seen her every night in my dreams. She was a fresher and her beauty was as fresh as the morning roses in the Mughal Gardens. However, blame it on my shy nature, I could never take a step forward. I followed her every where I could, to the canteen, to the bench, in the TCS lawn every where. She also followed me- in my dreams. A couple of time we made eye contacts and who knows if I had the guts to approach her, things might have been different.

Soon I left the IT industry without even knowing her name. A couple of days later and after a lot of net searching, I saw her profile on Facebook and sent her a friend request. However, she did not accept.


It has been close to three years that I left TCS( exact date was 24th August, 2012) and moved to government sector. However, I still see her with my eyes closed and when I open my eyes, I see her every where and in every body. As per the latest information, she has gone to a foreign country for her higher studies. All I can do is wish her the best in all her future endeavors.