i love him

i dont know what is going on with my relationship. from past few months i am not able to handle this1.5 year relation. i broke up several time many girls like his pictures and comment i dont like it i fight with him that its doesnt happens on my id then why yours. he says i am very doubtful and has doubts on him. he never told me about his past and when i come to know that his ex gf or someone has liked his pic i get angry and fight with him a lot .
recently i broke up saying we dont have a future a we are from different castes and we aare not happy together. but then he adds unknown girls on his id and used to reply late to my texts. i fe agitated. and recently i just got furious and abused him and just said him to get lost . he just blocked me but i have always been there and helped him always. we are in a long distance relationship i dont know what to do i love him we got physical too. i do love him a lot but should i go back to him or should i move on ?
i have my exams going on i am crying like hell and cannot study i dont know what i should do.
please help me .