Love never dies

“I miss my Girlfriend alot. we spent years together in school.
But today she in no more in this world.
She died 7 months ago in an accident while returning from her friend’s home.
From that day I’ve never been able to even think about any other girl.
I spend all my time crying, in her memories. I am not able to concentrate on my studies.
My life has become HELL.
Don&t know what to do with my life. Just feel like there’s nothing left in this world to live for, but then, thw thought of my family stops me from doing anything that would give them the pain i’m suffering from. They don’t know anything about this.
I never believed in love, until the day i frst saw her. The day i frst spoke to her, i decided to live rest of my life with her. The day i proposed her, and she agreed, was indeed the best day of my life. I felt like…like…aisa laga jaise mujhe jannat mil gayi ho.
She gave me butterflies in my stomach. I just couldn’t stop smiling whenever i heard her name or saw her. I just loved to see and just see her when she used to speak. She taught me, what true love actually was. I just dreamt about our future lives..our wedding…about our kids..the way we lived with each other through our old age until our death. Yes! She was my first love and indeed, my first girlfriend. I just can’t even imagine my life with any other girl. I rarely go out or talk to anyone since that miserable day of my life. I have my parents worried about me, my life and curious about my behaviour.
I can fool the world with my fake smile but not them. Everytime they ask me-about the matter, i just change the topic. I don’t have any explanation for that.

She died, I cried
World takes my smile as the sign of my happy goin life, but i know. Inside i am dieing

It ws my mistake, she died just because of me. She called me up askin me to pick her up. But my lazy ass…i ws sleeping, so just asked her to take a cab. Now, i regret my life.

I have money, but now I realized why people say money cannot buy happiness.

Our memories of our time spent together makes me smile and her loss makes me cry at the same time.

I just pray to God, that just once, if i could get her back again, i’d never ever let her go.
I just pray to God, that i’d die in her place, but i wan’t her alive back again, just to hug her tight and never leave, i just wan’t to see her smile, i just wan’t to kiss her once again.
I still daydream about her coming back to life and us living like before. once again. Just once. I’d never leave her, i’d never let her even walk 100 metres without me.

Whenever my friend ask me to forget her and move on-but I with tears in my eyes, just smile walk away.
While writing this, i had her in my mind. I can go on for days and even months talking about her and her qualities.
Every night i go to bed crying and wake up crying since last 7 months.
This post is not to gain sympathy but to tell everyone that either to care for the one you love so much that they never leave you or never love anyone soo much that their loss makes you hard to survive.

May your soul rest in peace yashika.
I love you very much and my love for u, will keep on increasing, until i die.”