Love in Friendship


Hey All,
2years back everything was good, i completed my 12th nd joined college, i met 2guys, let them named as X nd Y, we became good friends, slowly i got to know that X has a crush on me, nd Y started to help him to make me his gf, i was a girl who was not interested in relationships, i wanted to make friends, so i did. i made everything clear to X that i am not interested, but his affection soon turns into love, nd he didnt want to step back, even he said he will wait for me nd wants to marry me in future, i always took it in a funny way nd reacted like “chal na yr bakwas mt kr” “main marriage material nhi hoon” “mujhey nhi karni shadi or na relationship chahiye” “we are friends nd usse age meri side se kbhi kuch hoga bhi nahi”. Because of his affection towards me i was not too comfortable nd close to him as i was with Y. He(Y) was always way too better friend, caring, helpful, nd always there for me, he tried his best too to help his friend(X) nd tried to convince me, but i really didnt want to be in a relatnshp, time goes by nd our(mine nd Y’s) relation became even more deeper nd closer. Now, few days back my friend Y told me that he loves me, i didnt know how to react, i am very concerned about him, because he is a very honest person nd he is veryyyy depressed over the fact that he loves a girl whom his best friend(X) loves too. I saw many marks on his hands(tht shows he tried to harm himself) nd he almst cried in front of me, it was a weak moment for both of us nd we kissed. it was the very first time someone touched me that way, it happened all of the sudden. i didnt know how to react but later i text him regarding that moment. he too was guilty. i dont know how to handle this situation. At one side there is X who wants to marry me nd he is very serious about it, for me he is just a friend nd on the other hnd Y whom i am too close, he dont want any relation with me, he just want me with no title along by my side, bcz accrdng to him relatnships are ol abt sex, he thinks i deserve better than him, nd even now he asks me to say yes to X. i dont know what to do. please help.