the strong one

Hello everyone! I m 20 years old F. I don’t need suggestion just wnna share something. I ws in relationship with a guy for 3 years. He used to treat me like queen. I loved him so much. Soon after few months I ws informed dat he chatted vulgarly wd a girl. N so I decided to leave him at dat time but he didn’t let me. He said one last chance. I gave him. But slowly our relationship strtd to face problems arguments a lot. He ws getting annoyed at small things. . Bcoz of ds things I felt like checking his account. N so I asked him d password n said ” I want ur account for 1 day n u wont interfere” . He agreed n I changed his password in order to prevent him from deleting the chats. N whn I went through his msgs it ws so hurting.. So painful. He chatted so cheaply wd so mny girls evn aftr getting chance . Flirted with Dem..went restro wd characterless girls. Evn many girls blocked him bcoz f his cheap actions. He ws evn beaten up by sum boys coz he chatted vulgarly wd sumone’s gf. I ws unaware of ds things completely. I ws such a fool dat I trusted him blindly. After knowing I ws so mentally disturbed. He askd agn last chance. He used to cry whole night begging me over d phone but I understood he is just a moron n I need to b practical so I moved on anyhow. friends really I m happy now to b single my besties r dre for me..dey supports me so much. I tried to hold on once so gave him first chance but wat I got.. More pain. I know it feels like hell. Some girls out dre think dey cnt move on. Dey hv a fear dey cnt live wdout him. N so dey give endless chances to dere bf but wht dey get in return just disappointments tears miseries. Its difficult but believe me its not impossible. U become more strong. He said me he is requested me to cum back but actually he is not . He flirt wd girls now too.. Got to know from those girls. I didn’t fight with him I just moved on simply making him understand. Friends d point is one chance is enough to prove loyalty. Stop giving endless chances in a relationship it will just hurt u back. N if u r in relationship .. U need to opn ur eyes n be smart! Don’t think about d love n care he showed wch wll not nly make u weak but also be a barrier to take better decision for urslf. So be practical n live for ur parents rather than for those cheapskate!